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Pharmaceutical Analysis Research Center and Faculty of Pharmacy, Tabriz University of Medical of Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
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Today, the mechanized systems used in the various scientific fields overcome the labor-intensive steps associated with the increasing of the security and decreasing of errors. In the pharmaceutical science, different methods have been developed for mechanizing of the drug solubility determinations. In this study, a new automatic system has been reported for the drug solubility determination. A prototype of the instrument was made and tested for solubility determination of acetaminophen in some aqueous mixtures at various temperatures. According to the mentioned system, this device can determine the saturation point through diluting (an) oversaturated solution using the same solute. Accordingly, a mechanism has been designed to inject the solute to the solution whose volume or amount can be adjusted by the operator. For controlling and setting up the parts of the device, an exclusive software is also offered. The maximum individual percentage deviation for the obtained solubility data in compared with those measured with the conventional methods is 6.4%. The maximum RSD% for the replicated data with the developed device has also been reported to be 3.9%. The developed system was designed by the authors and is therefore entirely novel.
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Analysis & Selection of Materials
Received: 2021/11/15 | Accepted: 2022/01/13 | Published: 2022/01/25

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